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Safe and Stable Career Options

Tired of going from job to job, or gig to gig? Want a more stable schedule that you and your family can depend on for consistent working hours? A pharmacy technician job is the perfect way to get these, as hours are always set, with great paid leave, holiday time, and scheduling.

Great Job Opportunities and Availability

The demand for medications and pharmacies is the highest ever, and not going down at all with the baby boomer population coming in. There are hundreds of pharmacy technician positions available, and even more coming up in the future to match the increasing demand.

High Pay, Benefits and Time Off

Tired of minimum wage drudgery? Pharm techs can make $30,000 - $50,000 per year, depending on location and the individual company. Match that with great benefits (healthcare, medical, 401k, dental, etc.), and flexible time off and you have a great career that you'll love!

You're on your way to having a safe and secure occupation, so you will not have to worry about paying the bills, or making ends meet in Raleigh. There are hundreds of tech occupations accessible pharmacies all across North Carolina.

Are you ready for a brand new career?

Are you tired of going to your Raleigh dead end job every single day, and not seeing a great future?

Are you tired of working too many hours each week to make ends meet?

It’s time for you get the training you must start a brand new profession which will be good for you and your family in the long term and to eventually make the jump. You can eventually say good-bye to horrible hours, bad managers , low pay, being depressed regular and having to be away from your family and Raleigh house an excessive amount.

You can get into a safe and secure profession that is booming right now, by starting a career as a pharmacy technician! With demand continuing to increase at an amount that is fast, there’s never been a better time to get into a Raleigh drugstore to assist individuals become healthy again.

There are many schools that have scholarships and grants available to working people in the North Carolina region. Many who are now working full time can qualify for these, and get some or all of the school tuition.

From Drug Addict to Pharmacist – A Junkie’s Story

I am a drug addict

At least, I used to be. My name is Joe. Let’s just stick with Joe. When I graduated from high school, I was already hooked on Marijuana. By the time I entered college, things just got worse. Not only was I craving for Marijuana, but I was also craving for cocaine. I dropped out of college due to my addiction. My tuition money was spent on drugs, and I spent my life on the streets for the next few months. I didn’t have enough money to call my parents to pick me up. This was the lowest point in my life. My cousin happened upon me while I sleeping near her office and she called my parents. She knew I was a junkie, but she didn’t know to what extent. When they picked me up, they immediately formed an intervention and asked me to go to rehab.

After rehab

After 2 years in rehab, I became sober and became a contributing member to society once more. On the condition of my rehab, I had to stay with loved ones. I stayed with my parents who were supportive of my recovery. One day, one of the neighbour’s kids was doing homework near my lawn and I could tell that he was having a hard time. He was doing chemistry homework and I asked him if I could help him. He said yes, and I helped him answer his chemistry problems. Later that night, his father came into our house and thanked me for my help. Of course, he knew that I was a junkie and joked about how I knew my chemistry (I wasn’t offended at all, but felt complimented). He then told me about a scholarship for pharmacy technicians in their pharmacy technician schools, where he teaches college chemistry. I thought that he was joking, so I tried to call on his bluff. The following day, I went to his school and when I inquired about the program, I was told that I was already listed as one of the applicants. Apparently, he signed me up and I filled in the application form. A week later, my scholarship was approved and I was on my way to becoming a student once again in one of the best pharmacy technician schools.

The school

Being in school after years of absence was a new experience. I took up a 3-year pharmacy technology degree that would also partially complete the requirements of an associate’s degree in Pharmacology. I found it ironic that a former junkie like me was studying about the effects of drugs in a good way. I studied about how aspirin functions as a thermogenic regulator or what we refer to as a fever-reducing agent, or how anaesthesia synthesizes in the human body and the time it takes for the metabolism to burn through the compound.

did well in my pharmacology major subjects and I still felt that I needed the challenge, so I took up a few pharmacology electives that would boost my educational units. Part of my scholarship’s condition was that I attend a series of seminars (similar to AA meetings) to remind me to keep sober. After three and a half years, I graduated with flying colours and I took up the certification exam for pharmacy technicians. I also passed it on my first try and I started to work in my uncle’s pharmacy. What really set me apart as a pharmacy technician was I knew which customer was a junkie and which customer was a patient. My uncle was thankful for this because I was able to profile drug addicts from customers, and yes, it’s part of our obligations as pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to report those who’re found to buy ingredients for narcotics.

Today, I am working my way towards another degree in pharmacology that will allow me to pursue a career in pharmaceutical research. I haven’t touched a needle or smoked pot for 6 years now.

As baby boomers age, this livelihood option is becoming more and more in-demand, so there are hundreds of jobs around North Carolina.

It’s no mystery the general population in the USA and state of North Carolina is getting.

This fact will only continue for years to come, and jobs in these fields will become increasingly more in-demand as mature employees begin to retire, and want the services more.

There are already hundreds of jobs all around North Carolina, and dozens in the city of Raleigh that could use a pharmacy technology like you. Are you ready to make the occupation and get into a comfortable and steady occupation like this?

Quit worrying about the next position, or you’ll have the ability to get, and have an occupation that is stable and safe that you can rely on for several years to come in North Carolina.

Are you tired of having to chase down new jobs or positions in Raleigh all of the time?

Well now is the best time to get into a Raleigh drugstore, which has consistent and secure working conditions and hours, regardless of what time of year.

The hours are appropriate during the typical school day, and you can arrange your schedule in order to spend more time with family and your kids exploring Raleigh before.

Thus place job behind you for good, and get your life heading in the right direction right away. Get the training you should work in a drugstore as a technician today!

You will love the safety and security that the occupation will give you for a long time to come, and ’ll never repent the profession selection!

Many North Carolina schools have millions set aside in scholarships and grants for folks now working full time.There are millions of dollars in grants and scholarships set aside by schools in North Carolina and the federal government, specifically to help cover all or some of the cost of attending pharmacy technician school in Raleigh.

Say farewell to demanding and stringent class schedules, and enjoy being able to work all on your own time, and at your own pace.

The old rigorous class schedules of North Carolina are a manner of the past. You now have to appear on time for a particular class, or fight traffic to get to class from your day job across Raleigh.

With on-line variations of all the courses that are present, you can finish your coursework and all studying from smartphone or your laptop instead of sitting in a Raleigh class.

Wild week at your day job? Do’t worry – you can pause and restart your category load whenever is convenient for you, so that life events wo’t get in the way of advancing your career and future.

Many schools have both on-line and in person courses accessible, so you could work in whatever environment you are most comfortable in.

Last Updated01/06/2024

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Raleigh Pharmacy Technician School

4020 Wake Forest Rd
Raleigh, NC 27609

Frequently Asked Questions About Pharmacy Tech Programs in Raleigh

Does every state have the same requirements as North Carolina for graduating from Pharmacy Technician School?

No. These conditions are always dependent on the state’s Board of Pharmacy. Not every state will require a student to be a graduate of an ASHP educational program that's accredited. Most states do require this however. Additionally, there are but they must also pass the national certification too in order to be licensed as a Pharmacy Technician.

Can someone without health care experience work as a Pharmacy Technician?

It is possible to go to Pharmacy Technician schooling or get a job in the health care field even if you do not yet have health care expertise in North Carolina. Working in this field as another job that is associated or a Pharmacy Technician will require that you just participate in training. It really is important that you simply learn all that you can in your education and in your training so that you are prepared for the job as it's kind of high demanding.

How does a student know if they are finding a qualified Pharmacy Technician School in Raleigh?

When someone needs to go to Pharmacy Technician School, they should make sure the school in Raleigh they're going to is trustworthy and competent. Unfortunately, there are. In case you are looking to go to Pharmacy Technician School be sure you're locating one that has accreditation. That means they are declared to meet the standards of self-assurance to the public. If the school is accredited they will have higher quality, informative program.

What are some things learned in Pharmacy Technician School?

When you are in Pharmacy Technician schooling there are many things and distinct areas that you may learn about. Some of these many different things that you can learn include psychopharmacology, medical terminology, medical workplace skills, pharmacology, side effects of specific drugs, vaccines, vitamins, minerals, oncology agents, pharmacy law and ethics, inventory managements, systems used in the pharmacy, dosing and much more.

What professional organizations in North Carolina are there for Pharmacy Technicians?

There are really various professional organizations out there for Pharmacy Technicians to check into. These organizations that are well known include the American Association of Pharmacy Technicians, Pharmacy Technician Educators Council, National Pharmacy Technician Association, American Pharmacists Association and the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists. These are all professional organizations serving North Carolina that many pharmacy technicians have turned into part of.

How long does a degree program for a Pharmacy Technician take?

Many individuals who are going to be going to school to become anything want to understand how long they're going to need to attend school for. When someone desires to become a Pharmacy Technician they'll typically need to go to school for around two years. The program usually takes about five sessions to complete. This is merely in general, as each North Carolina school directs their own plan so the length may change depending on the type of system and how in-depth the program is going to be.

What is a Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam?

There are assessments that students will take at the school they've enrolled in. There is additionally the Pharmacy Technician Certification Examination as well. This is an examination that is an accredited certification. It is nationally known, in addition to acknowledged in North Carolina. Pharmacy technicians are able to take this examination. Anyone who passes it'll be considered certified pharmacy technicians. These will usually be sent to them around two months after the test has been passed by them. If you get certified, the certificate will have.

What responsibilities does a pharmacy technician in Raleigh have?

A pharmacy technician will work at a Raleigh hospital or a retail place in North Carolina. They'll be of support of the pharmacist by dispensing the drugs, formulating and labeling. They may also repackage the drugs and spread some of the routine drug orders. Two of the other primary jobs of a pharmacy technician is to do drug inventory and keep track of records.

Are pharmacy technicians going to need continuing education in Raleigh?

Really, pharmacy technicians aren’t going to need continuing education. They actually only have to have twelve hours of training in service in North Carolina for every two years between the renewals they have. Within those twelve hours they must get one hour of credits. The North Carolina company must keep track of the training and then it's the be verified from the pharmacist supervisor. The pharmacist must maintain these records on the pharmacy technician’s file so they could be reviewed when need be.

What are the requirements to take the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam in North Carolina?

There are really numerous conditions that someone must fulfill if they'd like to take the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam. They must have their high school diploma or their GED. The second demand is that they must not have any felony convictions. The third condition is they must not have any pharmacy or drug convictions, not even misdemeanors on their record. The fourth requirement is that they mustn't have any revocation, suspension, denial or even restriction on their license or enrollment.

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