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Ready to Start Your Career?

Safe and Stable Career Options

Tired of going from job to job, or gig to gig? Want a more stable schedule that you and your family can depend on for consistent working hours? A pharmacy technician job is the perfect way to get these, as hours are always set, with great paid leave, holiday time, and scheduling.

Great Job Opportunities and Availability

The demand for medications and pharmacies is the highest ever, and not going down at all with the baby boomer population coming in. There are hundreds of pharmacy technician positions available, and even more coming up in the future to match the increasing demand.

High Pay, Benefits and Time Off

Tired of minimum wage drudgery? Pharm techs can make $30,000 - $50,000 per year, depending on location and the individual company. Match that with great benefits (healthcare, medical, 401k, dental, etc.), and flexible time off and you have a great career that you'll love!

Becoming a technician that helps people with their medicines and drugs in a Las Vegas drugstore can be a safe and rewarding occupation for the long term. Give yourself and your family a better financial future today.

Tired of your present dead end job in Las Vegas?

Are you looking at going back to school to get a job with better hours, pay and working conditions?

Now’s the best time possible to begin on your own course towards a fresh career as a pharmacy technician. Not only is the pay good, but the working conditions, benefits and quality of life is amazing.

The profession itself is already in very high demand, that will just continue to skyrocket as the population in the US continues to get mature and older. The best time to ride this growing trend will be to hop on the wagon now!

There are many schools in Nevada, and around the Las Vegas area that can help you get the certifications which you need to start your career working in a local Las Vegas drugstore.

There are millions of dollars set aside in grants and scholarships to let people working full time in Nevada to more readily manage to go to college.

Are you prepared to take advantage of this chance, and change the future for you and your family?

Online Schooling and Regular Schooling – What’s the Deal?

I am a product of online schooling and regular schooling

I graduated with a degree in nursing following the traditional path, meaning having to attend classes in classrooms and be physically present in the physical location of the pharmacy technician schools. I also graduated with a degree in Pharmacy Technology from online pharmacy technician schools. I am a product of two different kinds of schooling options, and everything worked out well for me. But is there a difference between the two? Is there a noticeable difference between learning something in the 4 walls of the classroom and learning something inside a virtual classroom? I am going to break it down for you one by one.

The classrooms

Without having to point out the obvious, there’s a huge difference between the classrooms in regular schools and classrooms in online schools. For starters, a classroom in an online school has a lot of features. The school I attended had a medium-sized window for videos or a placeholder for a live broadcast of the instructor. On the right side of the window was a box that contained the names of the students and their corresponding ID numbers, similar to a chat box in an IM software. Right below it would be the chat window wherein the students would be able to conference or talk to one another in an effort to simulate classroom discussion and participation. There was also a special window wherein you can send your queries directly to the teacher, so it doesn’t get lost in the general chat box.

The class sessions

The lectures of online schools and regular schools have the same duration. If a subject on pharmacology lasts for 3 hours online, you can expect it to have the same duration in a regular class setting. The deliveries of the lectures are both similar and different. How do I illustrate it? in an online class, there would be a live broadcast of the instructor discussing the lecture for that day. He or she will switch between windows, so one moment you’re seeing them and the next you’re seeing a virtual chalkboard where they write their notes. For example, in a chemistry subject, the teacher would discuss about the synthesis of alcohols and in the video or broadcast, he will show how the mechanism of the synthesis and you will be able to hear them in the background. The lectures will also be available for 2 to 3 days before they are taken out. They are also taken our earlier if there’s a major exam coming.

The lectures

As mentioned, the lectures online are delivered the same way as they are delivered the same way as regular lectures, but the medium makes it different. online lectures are a series of videos, audio files, and text files that are made available by the instructors once the lecture has completed its live broadcast. This is to ensure that no students are way ahead of one another just before the start of the class, and it also makes it easy for instructors to keep track of the progress of the students online. If you miss out on the live broadcast of the lecture, you will be able to catch up because the files will be available for download.

The exams

The exams given online are very strict and rigid. The schools have different anti-cheating systems implemented, such as remote monitoring software and key logging software that allows proctors to check and watch over you while you take the exam. These prevent you from switching to tabs or checking your notes online. There are also timers for every item so you don’t have a chance of glancing at your notes.

Stop fighting for more hours, and get a secure livelihood which you can depend on for years to come, and have security for your Las Vegas family.

Are you tired of having to chase down positions or new jobs in Las Vegas ?

Are you sick of fighting for more hours when things always change based on seasonal demand throughout Nevada?

Now is the best time to get into a Las Vegas drugstore, which has secure and consistent working conditions and hours, no matter what time of year.

The hours are appropriate during the typical school day, and you can arrange your program to be able to spend additional time with family and your children investigating Las Vegas than ever before.

With a job as a pharmacy technician, you can forget about the hugely inconsistent working states that you may be used to.

Thus put that dreadful dead-end job behind you for good, and get your life heading in the right direction right away. Get the training you must work in a drugstore as a tech today!

You ’ll never repent the profession selection, and will adore the safety and security that the occupation will give you for a long time to come!

Thousands of pharmacy technicians all across Nevada are loving great benefits, good hours, the simple working conditions, and the lifestyle of working in the drugstore. You can have this also!

Does working in the hot sun, or in deplorable conditions make you need to quit your present Las Vegas occupation?

Many people are stuck in jobs that put them in horrifying Nevada weather conditions, working exhausting and long hours, and without any benefits or perks whatsoever.

If you identify as one of those people, and are looking to make a change, a career as a pharmacy technician could only be an ideal thing for you!

Every drugstore can be found in a new, temperature controlled building, so no matter what the weather is doing outside, inside is comfy and pleasant.

Medical firms in general and drugstores also have great benefits to their workers, such as healthcare, dental, retirement accounts, and much more. This means you’re not only working for what you make today, but also for what will take care of you for years to come.

So if you are tired and sick of the horrid job you’re presently working in around Las Vegas, and looking to make a change, the time to act is now. There are thousands and hundreds of pharmacy technology jobs available all over the state of Nevada, and you could catch one.

Only get in touch with one of the many excellent Las Vegas area pharmacy technician training programs, and you can become qualified to work in a Nevada drugstore soon!

With adaptable classes, you can schedule your courses and coursework in Las Vegas around your work, kids and life.

Say good-bye to stringent and demanding class programs, and appreciate being able to work on your own time, and at your own rate.

The old rigorous class schedules of Nevada are a manner of yesteryear. You now no longer need to appear on time for a specific class, or fight traffic to get across Las Vegas to type from your day job.

With on-line versions of all the classes that are current, you can finish your coursework and all studying from smartphone or your laptop instead of sitting in a Las Vegas course.

Do’t worry – you can pause and resume your group load is convenient for you, so that life events wo’t get in the way of improving your career and future.

Many schools have both on-line and in person courses available, in order to work in whatever environment you’re most comfortable in.

Last Updated01/23/2024

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Las Vegas Pharmacy Technician School

2915 W Charleston Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Frequently Asked Questions About Pharmacy Tech Programs in Las Vegas

Will pharmacy technician students have to get uniforms to wear during schooling?

While this response may change determined by what school someone is going to for their credits, the primary reply is yes. All pupils will have to get uniforms that are particular they are required to wear. These are worn during any clinical rotations. They are going to additionally be worn at any local sites in Las Vegas that are off from the campus. When the student starts their orientation for the school, they will be educated if so, what type of uniform they'll have to get and if they should get an uniform.

Is the job market good for pharmacy technicians in Nevada?

There is actually a growing market in the health care sector for pharmacy technicians. The field for pharmacy technicians is expected to grow by approximately 10% which will create about forty thousand new jobs before the year of 2024, many of which will be in Nevada. There are many excellent prospects for jobs for those who have certifications for pharmacy technician work. With new healthcare constantly being in the works, pharmacy technicians are going to be needed in more about more locations around the world.

Will a job as a Pharmacy Technician be the right choice for me?

This is a question that is very common and it's also normal for someone to need to understand whether a specific occupation will be appropriate for them. A drugstore livelihood will offer you the chance to be contained in an extremely fast growing field. Pharmacy technicians work with the Las Vegas pharmacists to ensure that patients get the proper drugs. A job as a pharmacy technician isn't easy, but is rewarding. You are going to spend most of your day in your feet and you may work various shifts weekends and holidays.

How does someone find a job in Nevada after they complete Pharmacy Technician School?

There are really many ways that someone can find work in the field after they've completed Pharmacy Technician School. Many hospitals and drugstores in Las Vegas, NV offer internships and externships. Many places have grad advisors that can help a graduate to find job opportunities. There are places in Las Vegas that can instruct someone to make a correct curriculum vitae to get a better chance of being hired. There are many other free resources that can help a graduate of a Pharmacy Technician School locate work also.

What questions should I ask myself to see if a job in Las Vegas as a Pharmacy Technician is right for me?

There are some questions which you can ask yourself if you're looking into getting work as a Pharmacy Technician or going to school for. It's possible for you to ask yourself if you can see yourself working with and doing that kind of work for a long time and coping with patients who are getting their drugs? Who can ask yourself whether you have the characteristics and skills that it takes to work in the front lines of the drugstore field? You can ask yourself whether you like the prognosis for this occupation?

Do accreditation and certification mean the same thing?

Certification and accreditation don't mean the same matter. Certification is an agency or non-governmental association procedure. This is when a student meets with qualifications that are predetermined from that agency or organization. Those pupils who get accredited are and they also go.

Where are the job opportunities for Pharmacy Technicians in Nevada?

There are job opportunities for Pharmacy Technicians in a variety of places around Las Vegas. Some of the most common locations where Pharmacy Technician jobs are found contain the drugstores at hospitals, retail pharmacies, long-term care pharmacies, home health care pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies and even mail order prescription pharmacies also. This just goes to show you that there are many jobs out there just waiting for you to jump into the field.

Does every state have the same requirements as Nevada for graduating from Pharmacy Technician School?

No. These conditions are always determined by the state’s Board of Pharmacy. Not every state will require a pupil to be a graduate of an ASHP educational program that's accredited. Most states do require this however. Additionally, there are some states that not only require the student to graduate from the school but they must also pass the national certification too in order to be licensed as a Pharmacy Technician.

What characteristics should a good Pharmacy Technician have?

There are many features that a great

What will working as a Pharmacy Technician in Las Vegas be like?

You are not alone in case you are wondering what working as a Pharmacy Technician will be like then. The working states may differ depending on where you get a job. Nonetheless, in most of the settings in Las Vegas where you may work as a Pharmacy Technician you'll be helping patients get their medications, you will be carrying and purchasing inventory, you may have strange hours, you will be on your feet a lot and you won’t have much time to slow down as patients come to get their medications around the clock.

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