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Safe and Stable Career Options

Tired of going from job to job, or gig to gig? Want a more stable schedule that you and your family can depend on for consistent working hours? A pharmacy technician job is the perfect way to get these, as hours are always set, with great paid leave, holiday time, and scheduling.

Great Job Opportunities and Availability

The demand for medications and pharmacies is the highest ever, and not going down at all with the baby boomer population coming in. There are hundreds of pharmacy technician positions available, and even more coming up in the future to match the increasing demand.

High Pay, Benefits and Time Off

Tired of minimum wage drudgery? Pharm techs can make $30,000 - $50,000 per year, depending on location and the individual company. Match that with great benefits (healthcare, medical, 401k, dental, etc.), and flexible time off and you have a great career that you'll love!

You are on your way to having a safe and sound job, so you won't have to worry about paying the bills, or making ends meet in Athens. There are hundreds of technician jobs obtainable in drugstores all across Georgia.

Are you looking at going back to school to get a job with pay, better hours and working conditions?

Ready to procure your family’s future?

Now’s the best time possible to begin on your path towards a brand new career as a pharmacy technician.

The livelihood itself is in quite high demand, which will only continue to skyrocket as the population in the US continues to get elderly and older. The best time to ride this rising tendency will be to hop on the wagon now!

There are many schools in Georgia, and around the Athens place that can help you to get the certifications that you simply need to start your career working in a local Athens pharmacy.

There are even millions of dollars set aside in scholarships and grants to let folks working full time in Georgia to more easily afford to go to faculty.

Are you ready to take advantage of this chance, and change the future for your family and you?

The Switch – From Nurse to Pharmacy Technician

A stressful career

I worked as a nurse for 12 years. I finished my nursing degree on time when I was 22 years old and I got hired by a local hospital. 5 years later I switched to another hospital, which was bigger, and this was when things went downhill. Even when I was still in school, our CI (clinical instructor) repeated time and time again that stress was a part and parcel of the job. Sure, you have your usual downtimes and non-hectic moments in the hospital, but these are uncommon. On my end, stress took its toll on me and I began to suffer for it.

What I did

By the time I was already in my 8th year working as a nurse, I wanted to jump to another career in the healthcare industry. I wanted a less-stressful job in the hospital because I really wanted to help people and treat people. As it turns out, the HR was hiring pharmacy technicians and pharmacists that time. I looked at the qualifications and I found out that I was underqualified, so I took note of the educational attainment required by the profession and began doing my research.

I found several online degrees for pharmacy technicians in pharmacy technician schools and I found none in my local area, so I decided for an online class because I figured it was the same as going to a regular school. 4 years later, I was right.

What the school offered

So the online pharmacy technician schools that offered the pharmacy technician course had several options. I opted for an undergraduate course because I could credit my academic units from my nursing degree. Sadly, only a few subjects were credited because of the old curriculum which my nursing degree was based on, but I was still able to cut down the 4 year undergraduate course into 3 years. I got that going for me, which was pretty nice.

Online schools are different from regular schools because they are just more interesting and more convenient. If I had to attend regular schools, I wouldn’t be able to work full time as a nurse or I won’t finish by 4 years. The schedules of the classes were flexible. The schedules posted on online classes (at least on my end) were the schedules as to when the lecture would be featured live. In simpler terms, it was like waiting as to when the live broadcast of the lecture was. This was beneficial because you could address your questions to the teacher while he or she was still there. All you have to do was type in your questions in the chat box or message board provided by the school. Most of the lectures went live in the evening, so I was able to attend classes as is. The lectures that were available in the morning were downloaded and saved for future viewing.

The lectures, once they were broadcasted, will still be available for a fixed period of time. On my end, it was available for replay for 3 days before they were taken down. This was to make room for the newer lessons. The quizzes and exams followed a similar feature as lectures. They were uploaded in a secure site and before you can take them, you had to install a remote tracking or monitoring software that recorded your desktop and logged your keys to prevent cheating. Proctors would also be watching your exam, so you can’t switch tabs or open another window. Exams were also time-pressured and monitored the time you were idle, so there’s no option to look at your notes.

Many Georgia schools have millions set aside for folks currently working full time in grants and scholarships.There are millions of dollars in grants and scholarships set aside by colleges in Georgia and the federal government, particularly to help cover all or some of the cost of attending pharmacy technician school in Athens.

Say good-bye to demanding and rigorous class programs, and appreciate being able to work on your own time, and at your own pace.

The old strict class programs of Georgia are a way of the past. You now need to show up on time for a particular class, or fight traffic to get from your day job across Athens to type.

With on-line versions of all the present classes, you can finish your coursework and all studying from your notebook or smartphone instead of sitting in a Athens class.

Do’t worry – you can stop and resume your category load is convenient for you, so that life events wo’t get in the way of advancing your career and future.

Many schools have both on-line and in-person classes available, so you can work in whatever environment you’re most comfortable in.

Eventually get the advantages and schedule that you and your family need, all while working in a friendly and comfortable work environment right in Athens.

Does working in miserable states, or in the hot sunlight make you desire to quit your present Athens job?

Many individuals are stuck in jobs that place them in terrible Georgia weather conditions, working hours that were long and exhausting, and with no benefits or perks whatsoever.

If you are looking to make a change, and identify as one of those folks, a career as a pharmacy technician could just be an ideal thing for you!

Every drugstore is situated in a brand new, temperature controlled building, so no matter what the weather is doing outside, inside is pleasant and comfy.

Medical businesses in general and pharmacies also have great benefits to their workers, including dental, health care, retirement accounts, and much more.

So if you are tired and sick of the horrible occupation you’re presently working in around Athens, and looking to make a change, the time to act is now. There are thousands and hundreds of pharmacy technology jobs available all over the state of Georgia, and you could catch one.

Just get in touch with one of the many amazing Athens area pharmacy technician training programs, and you can become qualified to work in a Georgia drugstore soon!

Stop waiting around and wasting your time. Find out if you got approved with the new application system in just minutes, and not weeks.

Many individuals like to stress out about the application process they used to need to go through to get into school in Georgia.

This is not any longer the situation. The application process is currently easier and shorter than before!

The application itself generally only takes a few minutes to complete, and needs basic advice that is personal. But within minutes you will discover if you were tolerated or not into the Athens and how much in scholarship and grant money you can expect.

Today go through the procedure, and simply see how much you can expect to get back in grants and scholarships, and if you may get accepted!

Last Updated05/15/2023

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Athens Pharmacy Technician School

1500 Oglethorpe Ave
Athens, GA 30606

Frequently Asked Questions About Pharmacy Tech Programs in Athens

Is the job market good for pharmacy technicians in Georgia?

There is truly a growing marketplace in the healthcare business for pharmacy technicians. The field for pharmacy technicians is expected to grow by around 10% which will create about forty thousand new jobs before the year of 2024, many of which will be in Georgia. There are many amazing prospects for occupations for those who have certifications for pharmacy technician work. With new healthcare consistently being in the works, pharmacy technicians will be needed in more about more locations around the world.

What is different about a Pharmacy Technician from other professionals in the healthcare field?

A Pharmacy Technician is different from other professionals in the healthcare field. Usually, a Pharmacy Technician will work in the main parts of the company along with the Pharmacist they're helping. They'll be helping to dispense drugs at Athens hospitals and other places too. The person someone talks to when they call the drugstore is typically going to be a Pharmacy Technician.

Are pharmacy technicians going to need continuing education in Athens?

Truly, pharmacy technicians aren’t going to need continuing education. They actually just need to have twelve hours of training in service in Georgia for every two years in between the renewals they have. Within those twelve hours they must get one hour of credits. The Georgia company must keep track of the training and then it's the be checked from the pharmacist supervisor. The pharmacist must then maintain these records on the pharmacy technician’s file so they could be reviewed when need be.

Are there other jobs that a Pharmacy Technician can get in Athens?

There are many other occupations in Athens that a Pharmacy Technician has the capacity to get. Some of the occupations that a Pharmacy Technician is going to be able to work as include of course a Pharmacy Technician, Billing and Quality Technician, an Accredited Pharmacy Technician, a Technician, a Compounding Tech, an Inventory Specialist and some other jobs as well. Look at what's needed for that job place and what knowledge is needed for that occupation if you are looking into getting a job.

What are some things learned in Pharmacy Technician School?

There are many matters and distinct areas that you just may discover about when you are in Pharmacy Technician schooling. Some of these many different things that you can learn contain psychopharmacology, medical terminology, medical workplace skills, pharmacology, side effects of specific medications, vaccines, vitamins, minerals, oncology agents, pharmacy law and ethics, stock managements, systems used in the pharmacy, dosing and much more.

What is the income average for a pharmacy technician in Athens, Georgia?

While the income sum does change depending on the setting in which they work and the location where someone works, the middle portion of pharmacy techs in Athens will bring in anywhere in the range of $24,000 to $40,000 yearly. Many pharmacy technicians, again depending on where they work, may also get advantages from their job.

Will I be able to get funding for the Pharmacy Technician program I enroll in?

Being capable of going to school to become a Pharmacy Technician can take lots of time and it takes dedication on your own part. If you don’t actually have a budget that allows you to have leeway it can cost quite a bit. Nonetheless, there are some capital alternatives for someone who wants to go to a Pharmacy Technician program. Some schools in Georgia allow for pupils to get financial aid, some students can get grants and there may be other funding options as well.

How does a student know if they are finding a qualified Pharmacy Technician School in Athens?

When someone needs to go to Pharmacy Technician School, they should make sure the school in Athens they are going to is trustworthy and competent. Regrettably, there are some schools out there that aren’t. If you're looking to go to Pharmacy Technician School be sure you're finding one that's certification. That means they are declared to satisfy with the standards of self-confidence to the people. If the school is accredited they will have higher quality, informative plan.

What are the main requirements for most states (specifically Georgia) that are necessary to start a job as a pharmacy technician?

The demands for every state will vary for the Pharmacy Technician school and programs. However, in most states in order to get a job as a Pharmacy Technician you'll need to be 18 years or older, you may need to pass a Georgia state assessment, get a Georgia state permit, pass a national certification and even go through a background check which may require you to get fingerprinted. These are the primary requirements for most states but again they may be different depending on the state that you are looking for a job in.

What professional organizations in Georgia are there for Pharmacy Technicians?

There are actually various professional organizations out there for Pharmacy Technicians to check into. These organizations that are well known comprise the American Association of Pharmacy Technicians, Pharmacy Technician Educators Council, National Pharmacy Technician Association, American Pharmacists Association and the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists. These are all professional organizations serving Georgia that many pharmacy technicians have turned into part of.

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