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Safe and Stable Career Options

Tired of going from job to job, or gig to gig? Want a more stable schedule that you and your family can depend on for consistent working hours? A pharmacy technician job is the perfect way to get these, as hours are always set, with great paid leave, holiday time, and scheduling.

Great Job Opportunities and Availability

The demand for medications and pharmacies is the highest ever, and not going down at all with the baby boomer population coming in. There are hundreds of pharmacy technician positions available, and even more coming up in the future to match the increasing demand.

High Pay, Benefits and Time Off

Tired of minimum wage drudgery? Pharm techs can make $30,000 - $50,000 per year, depending on location and the individual company. Match that with great benefits (healthcare, medical, 401k, dental, etc.), and flexible time off and you have a great career that you'll love!

Leave your West Palm Beach dead-end job today, and get a secure and safe livelihood you will love working in for a long time. Financial assistance is available for those who qualify.

Are you tired of working too many hours each week just to make ends meet?

It’s time for you get the training you must begin a brand new profession which will be good for you and your family in the long term and to finally make the leap. You can finally say good-bye to horrible hours, lousy managers , low pay, being depressed regular and having to be away from your family and West Palm Beach dwelling too much.

You can get into a stable and safe profession that is booming right now by beginning a career as a pharmacy technician! With demand continuing to increase at a rapid amount, there’s never been a better time to get into a West Palm Beach drugstore to assist people become healthy.

There are many schools that have scholarships and grants available to working people in the Florida area. Many who are now working full time can qualify for these, and get all or some of the school tuition covered.

Pharmacy Technician – Is it the Right Career for You?

Pharmacy technicians West Palm Beach Florida and their duties/responsibilities vary from state to state, but they all have a few things in common when it comes to assisting the pharmacists and carrying out their tasks efficiently. The main task of pharmacy techs is to provide assistance, but it is in no way secretarial as they receive specialized training and education from pharmacy technician schools. Pharmacy technicians are found in hospitals, clinics, hospices, retail stores, and even in laboratories, depending on their educational attainment and how well they were trained in their pharmacy technician schools.

Is it the right career for you?

If you’re considering a career in health care, but don’t want to get all bloodied, you can choose to become a pharmacy technician. The career path of a pharmacy technician West Palm Beach Florida usually takes them to managerial or supervisorial positions in pharmacies, next to the pharmacists in charge. The following are the duties and responsibilities of a pharmacy technician West Palm Beach FL:

  • Dispensing of medication (in the UK, there’s a separate person in-charge called a pharmacy dispenser) to patients or to clients
  • Filling out prescriptions for patients and providing accurate measurement and dosage of medication or drugs stated in prescription
  • Filing of prescriptions for records keeping
  • Assisting doctors and other hospital staff in the preparation of various drugs (IV admixtures, cancer medication, etc.)
  • Administrative duties like taking inventory of medication and drugs in the pharmacy and filing out orders for the medications that are out of stock

The training

An aspiring pharmacy technician West Palm Beach Florida can take up specialized pharmacy technician courses or training programs from the top colleges, universities, and even specialized pharmacy technician schools West Palm Beach FL in their area. They can opt to enrol in their local West Palm Beach FL colleges or they can choose to take up online classes. Either way, they will still get the training that they need to become a tech.

For people who already have a background in healthcare or finished a degree in healthcare (i.e. nurses), they can enrol in a 6 month vocational training program which exposes them to the world of pharmacology and its fields immediately. However, they won’t be eligible to take the board or certification exams because of the lack of educational requirements.

For people who have yet to be exposed to the world of healthcare, they can choose between an Associate’s or Bachelor’s Degree to get them started. An Associate’s Degree would last for 2 years at 2 to 3 semesters per year, while a Bachelor’s would last for 4 years. These two courses culminate with an OJT or externship program where students will be working in the industry for a set period of time. The externship hours will also count as a major requirement for the board or certification exams.

After graduating, the student will now be asked to take certification or board exams, as a requirement by most states in the USA like West Palm Beach Florida before they are eligible to work in the industry. They are treated like doctors and nurses, so having a license is a must and guarantees both patients and employers that they are legally and administratively quantified to carry out the tasks of a pharmacy technician.

Despise a varying work schedule when you simply want hours to work? A pharm tech job in Florida has great long term stability, and can supply for your family for years to come.

Are you tired of having to chase down new jobs or positions in West Palm Beach ?

Now is the best time to get into a West Palm Beach drugstore, which has secure and consistent working conditions and hours, regardless of what time of year.

The hours are correct during the typical school day, and you can arrange your program in order to spend more time with family and your kids researching West Palm Beach than ever before.

With a job as a pharmacy technician, you can forget about the working conditions that are enormously inconsistent that you may be used to.

So set job behind you for good, and get your life heading in the right way immediately. Get the training you need to work in a pharmacy as a technician today!

You ’ll never regret the career choice, and will adore the safety and security that the occupation will give you for a long time to come!

Have flexibility and the independence to finish the courses and coursework on your own time.

Say farewell to rigorous and demanding class schedules, and love having the ability to work all on your own time, and at your own rate.

The old strict course programs of Florida are a manner of yesteryear. You now need to show up on time for a specific class, or fight traffic to get across West Palm Beach to category from your day job.

With on-line variations of all the current courses, you can complete your coursework and all studying from your laptop or smartphone rather than sitting in a West Palm Beach course.

Do’t worry – you can pause and resume your group load is convenient for you, so that life events wo’t get in the way of improving your career and future.

Many schools have both online and in person classes available, in order to work in whatever environment you’re most comfortable in.

Thousands of pharmacy technicians across Florida are all loving good hours, the simple working conditions, great benefits, and the lifestyle of working in the drugstore. You can have this also!

Does working in the hot sun, or in miserable conditions make you want to leave your present West Palm Beach occupation?

Many individuals are stuck in jobs that put them in horrible Florida weather conditions, working hours that were exhausting and long, and without perks or any benefits .

If you identify as one of those folks, and are looking to make a change, a career as a pharmacy technician could just be the ideal thing for you!

Every pharmacy is located in a brand new, temperature controlled building, so regardless of what the weather is doing outside, inside is comfy and fine.

Pharmacies and medical businesses in general also have great advantages to their employees, including dental, health care, retirement accounts, and much more.

So in case you are tired and sick of the horrid occupation you’re currently working in around West Palm Beach, and looking to make a change, the time is now. There are hundreds and thousands of pharmacy tech jobs available throughout the state of Florida, and you could catch one.

Last Updated01/19/2024

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West Palm Beach Pharmacy Technician School

11951 US-1
West Palm Beach, FL 33408

Frequently Asked Questions About Pharmacy Tech Programs in West Palm Beach

What characteristics should a good Pharmacy Technician have?

There are many characteristics that a good

Will pharmacy technician students have to get uniforms to wear during schooling?

The primary response is yes, while this response may shift depending on what school someone is going to for their credits. All pupils will have to get uniforms that are certain that they're required to wear. These are worn during any clinical rotations. They will additionally be worn at any local sites in West Palm Beach that are off from the campus. When the student begins their orientation for the school, they'll be notified if they need to get an uniform and if so, what kind of uniform they will need to get.

What will working as a Pharmacy Technician in West Palm Beach be like?

You aren't alone if you are wondering what working as a Pharmacy Technician will be like then. The working conditions may differ depending on where you get work. Nonetheless, in most of the settings in West Palm Beach where you may work as a Pharmacy Technician you'll be helping patients get their drugs, you may be carrying and ordering stock, you may have strange hours, you'll be on your feet a lot and you won’t have much time to slow down as patients come to get their medicines around the clock.

What questions should I ask myself to see if a job in West Palm Beach as a Pharmacy Technician is right for me?

There are some questions that you can ask yourself if you are looking into getting work as a Pharmacy Technician or going to school for. You can ask yourself if you can see yourself doing that kind of work for quite a while and working with and coping with patients who are getting their medications? Who can ask yourself whether you have the traits and abilities that it takes to work in the front lines of the pharmacy field? It's possible for you to ask yourself whether you like the outlook for this occupation?

How many pharmacy technicians does one pharmacist need?

Part of understanding more about the growing job market for pharmacy technicians is learning about the work that pharmacists do and what help they need from pharmacy technicians. On average, every pharmacist is going to need approximately three pharmacy technicians to help them in the occupation. Knowing this can help you when you go searching for jobs in this field in particular places or states (like Florida).

Do accreditation and certification mean the same thing?

Certification and certification don't mean the same matter. Certification is an agency or non-governmental association process. This is when a pupil meets with qualifications that are predetermined from that agency or organization. Those pupils who get accredited are and they also go through the PTCB which is the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board Exam.

What professional organizations in Florida are there for Pharmacy Technicians?

There are actually various professional organizations out there for Pharmacy Technicians to check into. These organizations that are well known include the American Association of Pharmacy Technicians, Pharmacy Technician Educators Council, National Pharmacy Technician Association, American Pharmacists Association and the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists. These are all professional organizations serving Florida that many pharmacy technicians have become part of.

Is the job market good for pharmacy technicians in Florida?

There is really a growing marketplace in the healthcare industry for pharmacy technicians. The field for pharmacy technicians is expected to grow by around 10% which will create about forty thousand new jobs before the year of 2024, many of which will be in Florida. There are many excellent prospects for occupations for those who have certifications for pharmacy technician work. Pharmacy technicians will be needed in more about more locations all over the world, with new health care always being in the works.

Are pharmacy technicians going to need continuing education in West Palm Beach?

Actually, pharmacy technicians aren’t going to need continuing education. They really just have to have twelve hours of training in-service in Florida for every two years in between the renewals they've. Within those twelve hours they must get one hour of credits. The Florida company must keep track of the training and then it has the be verified from the pharmacist supervisor. The pharmacist must then maintain these records on the pharmacy technician’s file so they could be reviewed when need be.

Where are the job opportunities for Pharmacy Technicians in Florida?

There are job opportunities for Pharmacy Technicians in many different places around West Palm Beach. Some of the most common locations where Pharmacy Technician jobs are found contain retail drugstores, the drugstores at hospitals, long-term care pharmacies, home health care pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies and mail-order prescription pharmacies also. This just goes to show you that there are many jobs out there just waiting for you to jump into the field.

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